ESF MEETINGS: G1: Conferences: Call Jun 2012

This call is now CLOSED: these pages are left for information purposes only

For this third GREAT-ESF Conference call, the deadline will be 15th June 2012 (at 18.00 GMT) - with the supported conference to have completed by end of December 2013.

A GREAT conference will be a meeting of between two to five days and bring together more than 50 participants. It should consist of lectures, exchange of information and discussion on developments in a specific scientific area.

Please submit a brief application through the GREAT ESF science meetings call page.

The proposal should include the following information:
  • Science Meeting Type = Conference
  • Title of Science Meeting:
  • Location of Meeting:
  • Date of meeting - start and end dates (where the end date must be before 31 Dec 2013)
  • Estimated expenditure - total and then broken down into: Travel/ Accommodation/ Meals (lunch and dinner)/ Local administrative costs (please give costs in Euro).
  • Indicate any additional co-sponsorship income.
  • The form also asks for contact information of the proposer
To this you will also need to upload a single pdf file (max 5MB) containing a maximum of five pages:
  • a Scientific Summary (max 1000 words) and an Abstract (max 200 words)
  • the outline meeting programme
  • names of the organiser, provisional Science Organising Committee (SOC) and provisional Local Organising Committee (LOC). Please list any relevant experience in organising conferences or workshops.
  • a case (no more than 3 pages of the 5 total) for the conference covering: rationale, timeliness, aims, venue details, list of topics to be discussed, key speakers, how it fits to the objectives of GREAT, whether the conference will be recorded through a proceedings, on-line materials etc, and envisaged outcomes. Note that outcomes may include suggestions for further activities within the GREAT programme such as focused workshops or training schools.
  • Please use a font size of 11pt or greater, with margins no smaller than 15mm.
  • Please NOTE that a short CV of the scientific organiser including a list of five publications" is NOT required, please ignore item 3) on the ESF submission page.
The ESF Guidelines for organising a meeting (as revised September 2011) should be referred to as these describe allowable costs that can be claimed. Also note the section on 'Eligibility'.

The conference topic can be any with in the scope of the
key objectives of GREAT. These can be found in detail in the Programme Proposal or as identified at previous GREAT plenary meetings.

All proposals will be evaluated by the GREAT Steering Committee with results being provided to the applicants by the 10th July 2012.

Acknowledgement of the support obtained

Appropriate acknowledgement of support from the ESF should appear in all presentations, reports, and publications resulting from activities which are funded either partially or entirely by the GREAT ESF RNP programme, and details of any resulting publications should be sent to the ESF and cc'd to the GREAT coordinator ( The standard acknowledgement text for publications is:

"This work was supported, in whole or in part, by the European Science Foundation under the GREAT ESF RNP programme."

Background Information:

The list of previously supported conference proposals can be found at where you will also find the final reports of each of these meetings.

The theme of the conference can cover any area relevant to GREAT/Gaia - see the
front page for topics. Proposals covering topics not currently addressed by GREAT meetings are encouraged. In addition meetings following on, or building on, earlier GREAT supported meetings will be welcome, assuming that the need is well argued and the previous final meeting report from that earlier meeting is available.

Typically the amount of support provided by GREAT to conferences will be in the range €12000 to €20000.

We expect to be able to fund 1 to 2 conferences in this call.