GREAT Call Sep 2008

Call for Expressions of Interest in Participating in GREAT

THIS CALL IS NOW CLOSED: these pages remain for reference only

The European and wider astronomy community, especially those who will benefit from the use of the astrometric, photometric and spectroscopic data from the Gaia satellite, are invited to participate in the process of building a GREAT European Science Foundation (ESF) Research Network Programme (RNP). Specifically this community ‘EoI’ call will gauge community interest in being part of the proposal to the ESF to fund a range of exciting networking and training activities, building the Gaia community and addressing key Gaia science topics. Activities proposed will commence in early 2010 dependent upon successful support from the ESF.

Partners external to Europe are also welcome to respond to this call, especially if participation with these groups outside of Europe can be in the framework of activities that they may have occurring in their own counterpart networks.

ESF RNP will support a broad range of activities including:
  • Science Meetings (Workshops, Conferences, Schools);
  • Grants for Short and Exchange Visits;
  • Publicity, Websites and Publications (paper and digital);

Our proposed ESF funded network will aim to:
  • create interdisciplinary fora
  • share knowledge and expertise
  • develop new techniques
  • train young scientists

Currently the GREAT steering committee are aiming at a Research Network Programme structured around building science capacity around the key Gaia science areas:

  • Galactic Dynamics
  • Galactic Archeology
  • Stellar Physics
  • Star Formation and evolution
  • Fundamental physics and the Reference Frame
  • Extrasolar planets and Non Single Stars
  • Solar system
  • The IT Data Challenge from Gaia

The proposers should submit a short (
no more than two pages A4) statement of their research interests of relevance to this programme. This should list the research staff likely to be involved with the RNP, along with key Gaia science areas which that institute would be interested in participating. The proposal should indicate whether the group would wish to host / contribute to workshops, conferences, exchange visits, and note in which Gaia related science area that would be. If possible, concrete suggestions for workshops or training school topics would be welcome.

Please provide one submission for each institute (or research group within an institute), and list the contact person for that group.

For non European partners, please note how you would provide funds for activities carried out in the framework of this ESF RNP work (please refer to the relevant ESF RNP call section on ‘
Proposals with a global dimension’ for further information on this.)

The GREAT steering committee will review the proposals and aim to work with the proposal teams which have suggested work of most relevance to the GREAT programme. These will be incorporated into application to be submitted for funding to the GREAT ESF RNP call.

Please send your proposal in pdf format by email to by the deadline 17.00 GMT Fri 26 Sep 2008.