The GREAT ESF RNP will support (either partially or totally) networking activities in the following areas:

The GREAT programme is structured around building science capacity around the key Gaia science areas:
  • Galactic Dynamics
  • Galactic Archeology
  • Stellar Physics
  • Star Formation and evolution
  • Fundamental physics and the Reference Frame
  • Extrasolar planets and Non Single Stars
  • Solar system
  • The IT Data Challenge from Gaia

Proposals will be welcome from the community in each of the GREAT areas G3 and G4. The deadlines for these areas are as follows:
  • G3: Applications for short visits (up to 15 days) can be made at any time, with a decision being taken within one month of the application being received. Applications for longer visits of 15 days to 4 months are made through specific calls.
  • G4: Please see the Training Schools page for details.

For full details on the application procedures applicable to each call - please refer to the specific call pages as linked to the right.