ESF GRANTS: G4: Training Schools

Calls for training schools are now CLOSED: these pages are left for information purposes only

The selection of a training school(s) to take place in 2014/15 will be coordinated and agreed by the GREAT Steering Committee. The training school topic(s) will be selected to complement or supplement science areas being addressed in the supported GREAT conference and workshops 2010-2014.

Members of the community are invited to contact their local Steering Committee member with specific suggestions for training school topics and/or potential venues. Note that the typical budget support for such a training school is in the range €15K to €20K. If many proposals or suggestions are received further details may be sought from each of the proposers.

The next decision on any training school for 2014/15 will be taken at the January 2014 GREAT ESF Steering Committee meeting.

We anticipate that ideas for potential training schools will have been generated as one of the outputs from the
GREAT workshops, conferences or exchange visits.

GREAT ESF Supported Training Schools:
  • GREAT-ESF Summer School and Workshop Astrostatistics and Data Mining in Astronomical Databases, 30 May - 3 June 2011, La Palma, (school website)
  • GREAT-ITN/ GREAT-ESF School The Art of Observational Campaigns, 3-7 Sep 2012, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain (school website)
  • GREAT-ITN/ GREAT-ESF School Astro-Visualisation School, 13-18 Sep 2012, University of Washington, Seattle, USA (school website)
  • GREAT-ITN/ GREAT-ESF School GREAT Astro-statistics School, 17-21 Jun 2013, Alicante, Spain (school website)
  • GREAT-ITN/ GREAT-ESF School The Galaxy, stellar compositions and dynamics, 2-6 Sep 2013, Tenerife, Spain (School website)
  • GREAT-ESF School EES2013 23rd Evry Schatzman School on Stellar Astrophysics Stellar ages, 29 Sep - 4 Oct 2013, Roscoff, France (School website)