Participation in GREAT

This area is devoted to providing information and links to calls announcing various options of participating in the GREAT programme.

GRANTS supporting GREAT Activities

Through the GREAT framework the community is able to propose and organise various activities including:
  • Science meetings (workshops, conferences or schools)
  • Grants for short and exchange visits awarded following an open call for applications
  • Publication of information brochures and leaflets, DVDs and CD Roms, scientific books and meeting proceedings
  • Access to relevant European scientific databases
For details about how to apply for GREAT ESF funding to support your community meetings please see the ESF MEETINGS and ESF GRANTS pages

Details about those that are taking place are listed on the ‘
Events’ pages

ACKNOWLEDGING GREAT Supported Activities

All publications resulting from support via the GREAT programme should acknowledge this support - using this suggested text:

"The work reported on in this publication has been fully or partially supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF), in the framework of the GREAT Research Networking Programme."

Online discussion and GREAT Working Groups

GREAT wiki hosts the GREAT working group pages. Contribute to these.

Check the
GREAT mailing lists - for inter and intra group discussions.

Miscellaneous Calls

  • The Sep 2008 Community call was for expressions of interest in participating in the GREAT ESF Research Network Programme proposal. Those responding to this call formed the core institutes of the GREAT ESF RNP.