GREAT Plenary Meeting: PM8

GREAT Plenary Meeting (PM8)

Symposium 9 at the EWASS - La Laguna, 22 - 26 June 2015

NEWS: 20150616: GREAT Plenary (Sympoisum S9, in Room 0.4) programme at

NEWS: 20150101: Registration for GREAT @ EWASS via the EWASS registration page (select Sympoisum S9)

Meeting Programme

Agenda and meeting programme available on the meeting wiki site. In addition further details concerning the Symposium element of the Plenary, organised within the EAS European Week of Astronomy 2015, can be found on the EWASS-2015 site.

Submitting a Talk or Poster Abstract

This GREAT Plenary follows the format adopted at the Rome, Turku and Geneva GREAT Plenaries in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The plenary will allow for the presentation of new science carried out within the context of the GREAT working groups, or related activities.

At this stage all those wishing to present are invited to signup with some details of their talk or poster idea.

Please submit your abstract into the EWASS system (which keeps track of abstracts across all the various meetings going on that week). You'll find this page at ... and then ... there is a page for each of the themed sessions linked from the meeting wiki at Thus, choose which session most fits your presentation topic and add your abstract to the page at:

All submissions received by 10th March 2015 will be considered, with the final programme being drawn up and published by 16th April 2015.
Note - to add to the wiki page you'll need to ensure that you are logged in. If you don't have a username - go to and follow the instructions there. if you are having trouble adding directly to the wiki pages - then send your details by email to

Registering to Attend the GREAT@EWASS Symposium

In terms of the meeting as a whole - the GREAT Plenary is organised as Symposium 9 at the EWASS. You will need to register to attend - go to the EWASS registration site - registration is now open with early registration closing 30 April 2015 - see the EWASS 2015 Registration page

Note that you are registering to attend the EWASS as a whole, thus can attend any and all of the variuos meetings held during the week.

Note on the EWASS Abstract Submission

As described above we ask that you all submit their contributions directly to the meeting wiki session pages at Please also copy your abstract into the EWASS system (which keeps track of abstracts across all the various meetings going on that week). You'll find this page at

Financial Support

A limited  amount of financial support for young astronomers is provided through the European Astronomical Society. You can find information about this topic online at the following address: (Look under EWASS 2015 and the Grant Request tab). The deadline for such a grant request is 10 March 2015

Organising Committee

The Symposium 9 co-chairs are: Nicholas Walton (Cambridge), Anthony Brown (Leiden), Carme Jordi (Barcelona, E), Timo Prusti (ESTEC, ESA)

The SOC includes the co-chairs, together with Conny Aerts (Leuven, B), Joao Alves (Vienna, AT), Anthony Brown (Leiden, NL), Josef Durech (Prague, CZ), Laurent Eyer (Geneva), Eva Grebel (Heidelberg, D), Lennart Lindegren (Lund, S), Francois Mignard (Nice, F), Andre Moitinho de Almeida (Lisbon, P), Karri Muinonen (Helsinki, FI), Dimitri Pourbaix (Brussels, B), Sofia Randich (Arcetri, I)