ESF MEETINGS: G2: Workshops: Call Jan 2010

This call is now CLOSED: these pages are left for information purposes only

For this first GREAT-ESF Workshop call, the deadline will be Jan 31 2010 (at 17.00 GMT) - with all supported workshops to have completed within one year from this date. Please note that priority for this first call (only) will be given to proposal ideas already having been put forward during the 2009 GREAT plenary meetings in Cambridge (Mar 2009) and Nice (Nov 2009)

A workshop will be a meeting of between one to four days and bring together between 10 and 50 people.

Proposals are invited from 4 to 31 Jan 2010. Please submit a brief application, submitted in the form of a single pdf document and emailed to

The proposal should include the following information:
  • Title of Workshop Meeting:
  • Location of Meeting:
  • Date of meeting - start and end dates (where the end date must be before 31 Jan 2011)
  • Estimated expenditure - total and then broken down into: Travel/ Accommodation/ Meals (lunch and dinner)/ Local administrative costs (please give costs in your local currency unit, and if this is not the Euro, please also give the Euro equivalent cost).
  • A 2 page (maximum) scientific case describing the workshop, rationale, aims, list of topics to be discussed, key participants, how it fits to the objectives of GREAT, and envisaged outcomes. Please use a font size of 11pt or greater, with margins no smaller than 15mm.

The attached
ESF Guidelines for organising a meeting should be referred to as these describe allowable costs that can be claimed. Also note the section on 'Participation'.