GREAT ESF Research Network Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the GREAT- ESF Research Networking Programme is composed of the nominated representatives of those ESF member countries supporting GREAT

This is a provisional list until the membership is confirmed at the first meeting of the ESF steering committee in February 2010.

  • Dr Nicholas Walton (Chair: IoA, Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Dr Francois Mignard (Co-Chair, Obs de la Cote d'Azur, France)
  • Dr Timo Prusti (Gaia Project Scientist, ESA: advisory expert)
  • Prof Conny Aerts (University of Leuven, Belgium)
  • Dr Anthony Brown (Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • Dr Laurent Eyer (Obs de Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Prof Eva Grebel (ARI, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Dr Carme Jordi (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Dr Thomas Lebzelter University of Vienna)
  • Prof Lennart Lindegren (Lund Obseravtory, Sweden)
  • Dr Andre Moitinho de Almeida (SIM, University of Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Dr Karri Muinonen (Helsinki Observatory, Finland)
  • Dr Sofia Randich (Observatory of Arcetri, INAF, Italy)
  • (Czech Republic) (TBD)